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• Nissan Sky line GT-R, the Year 1990: This car of white-colored color, that although it is not it’s original colour, it looks; it has the body as well as the interior, without details, throughout excellent problem. It rarely has a mileage of 28,000 kilometres, because the motor was made. This is a vehicle that work well and demonstrates how good a Nissan happens when it is well kept.
• Nissan Horizon GTS-T, the Year 92 If you are looking for a great R32 GTS-T this may be a wise decision. The body doesn’t have any rust no scratches or shocks. It can be in its initial color along with the only change in look is the fender that is the one of a GT-R Nissan Laurel, the year 1989, it seems clean from the factory, without clear modifications none in the exterior nor inside the interior, your engine posseses an SR20DE of an S15 paired to an S13 transmitting. You will want to check the reduce response.
• Nissan Fairlady Z Two Turbo, the entire year 1993, the latest 300ZX that can be imported. And this one, in particular, provides it all, Two turbo, 2 + 2 along with T-top. The body is within excellent issue without scuff marks or sags, along with interior coatings. Mechanically it’s perfect and as if that are not enough, it only has 70,000 miles.
We’ve other Machine and also Honda and Toyota.
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