The new lead generation will give a great boost to your company

Successful Businesses try every Day to be competitive and profitable by improving their association with their current clients, getting closer to them and their prospective customers with the best tools supplied by information and communication B2B leads to provide services and products of excellence.

Snitcher is a Business which Develops the very best & most innovative applications to handle the discussion of organizations with their prospective and real customers.

Snitcher is a formal technical associate of Google, which Allows you to identify visitors, analyze your browsing data with the support of googleanalytics, which means it is possible to learn and categorize them according to their faculties, through powerful filtering and segmentation which lets convert them into real customers.

Snitcher firmly believes that Businesses can improve their profitability, should they are more connected with their own current and prospective clients, striving to understand their requirements, preferences and tastes, that allow bringing strange visitors and prospects to convert them to potential clients, by Lead generation of sale of quality and service solutions.

Snitcher guarantees this Application, better relationships between the organization and its clients that will provide a wonderful added value and B2B leads.

Its execution for clients is Very straightforward, you just have to create an account and connect the google-analytics profile of your web site along with your Snitcher panel. Next, Snitcher will analyze your traffic in realtime to identify each and each of those companies that are visiting your site and determining what they perform there. Last, the client is able to see the organizations inside their Snitcher control panel, or utilize one of those more than 500 integrations to export them for their own CRM.

The marketing and sales team or Customer service will knowingly participate in the attraction and conversion of visitors into current and potential customers, thanks for this highly effective tool for monitoring and also bringing new customers that allow them to be organized in line with the features of their customers. Companies and the actions they play on the user’s internet site.